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LINKED Couples Retreat

"Welcome to the LINKED Couples Retreat, where we embark on a journey of connection, growth, and revitalization together.


Presented by Clervett Williams, LPC
Founder & CEO at Release Wellness

Clervett Williams, a licensed professional counselor, graduated from South University in 2016 with a Master degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. With a rich professional background, Clervett spent three years in Lynchburg, Virginia, working intensively in-homes with children, before transitioning to Newport News. In Newport News, she dedicated six years to emergency crisis work in the Gloucester and Hampton areas, honing her skills and expertise.


In 2020, amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Clervett courageously launched her own practice, Release Wellness, in Newport News. Despite the turbulent times, she thrived, becoming a beacon of support and guidance for individuals and couples seeking mental health assistance.


Driven by her passion for helping others, Clervett now serves as a clinical supervisor, nurturing the next generation of therapists. Her dedication to professional growth is evident through her Gottman Level Two certification and proficiency as a Prepared Enriched facilitator for married couples.


Clervett finds fulfillment in her work, whether guiding couples towards stronger relationships or aiding individuals on their mental health journeys. As the owner of Release Wellness, she continues to make a positive impact on the Newport News community, fostering resilience and well-being.


Clervett Williams has expanded her reach by launching “Linked”, a new brand offering couples retreats. Drawing on her expertise in counseling and her passion for nurturing healthy relationships, Clervett aims to provide couples with transformative experiences that strengthen their bonds and enrich their lives. Through Linked, she continues her mission of fostering connection, communication, and growth within relationships, further solidifying her position as a trusted guide in the field of mental health and wellness.

LINKED Couples Retreat
Join Us for a Transformative Journey   at             

 Linked" Couples Retreat!
Discover the secrets to a thriving relationship at the luxurious Hilton Main in Norfolk, VA,

July 26th to 28th, 2024.

Theme: Linked: Reconnect, Rekindle & Renew... Love revived
Unwind in the serene atmosphere of the Hilton Main as you embark on a journey to deepen your connection and reignite the passion in your relationship.

What to Expect:
This retreat offers insightful workshops and activities designed to enrich your bond.
- Intimate Atmosphere:
Limited seating ensures personalized attention and an exclusive experience for each couple.
- Education and Fun:
Explore new ways to communicate, understand, and support each other while enjoying memorable moments together.

 Your Investment:
- Cost: $1200 per couple (payment plan  available} Click the Save my Spot link for details)
-$300 non-refundable deposit required
- Value: Over $2500

  Secure Your Spot Today!
Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in your relationship. Reserve your place now and embark on a journey of growth and rejuvenation.
For registration and inquiries, contact us at:
- Email: info@releaseyourwellness
- Phone: 757-751-9508
Limited Seating Available. Act Fast to Secure Your Spot!

In this retreat we will cover

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